Who we are

CCRT Communications is audio creativity on overdrive!

In 1986, CCRT Communications began producing radio commercials with audio production creativity and professional voice talents, transforming conceptual ideas into real productions our clients were always proud of!

Our Co-founder& President, Patrice Mireault actively contributed in positioning CCRT Communications as one of the industry leaders. Better known as one of the official voices for the French TV network TVA and having a long radio career in both radio and TV, Patrice knew well enough to surround himself with like-minded talents and collaborators to form a dedicated team of audio production specialists.

OUR Vision

Though it’s a technical process, it cannot happen without a dose of FUN!
Our team of creative writers, producers, editors, sound engineers, audio technicians and composers work towards one common goal … Help YOUR story come to life.

Everybody has a story to tell. It could be a personally triumphant story, a product success story, a brand awareness story or perhaps… a corporate or sales story. We help bring your vision to light!

OUR Environment

Located in Laval, CCRT Communications offers a high-quality audio production studio with a fantastic family atmosphere, where you feel welcome and where creativity is always at the forefront. Our post-production services are staged with only the most attentive engineers whom always offer a professional and courteous perspective… one that always aims to exceed expectations.

WE take aim at the following industries
  • Health
  • Professional Services
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Advertising agencies
  • Industrial
  • Financial
  • Entertainment
  • Telephony & IT
  • Sports vehicle dealers
  • Sports complexes and Arenas
  • Call Centers
  • Professional Associations & Non-Profit
  • Shopping Centers
  • Engineering and architectural offices
  • More