Sales and info lines

Over the years, CCRT has created an audio recipe with superb broadcast quality perfectly adapted to promotional ticket sales messages.

CCRT will create audio productions that sound just like radio, with music sound effects and a perfect mix that will promote events, trade shows and so much more… all while informing your callers of exciting promotions to come.

OH… and these productions are uploaded directly to your phone systems, (at the specific times you need them) …with no human intervention!

That’s the CCRT communications difference!
Keep in mind you can choose the frequency of message changeovers: daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or yearly!

Going through a period filled with events…No problem!

CCRT will adapt to your requirements.
Promoting an upcoming event always gets positive results!

We are the official message producers for ticket sales at the Bell Center, and Cirque du Soleil (among others).

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We can also give you the edge!