Accueil telephonique automatisé CCRT

Colorful corporate greetings

Your corporate image is important AND valuable!

After investing thousands of dollars on web marketing each year to keep your company competitive …what happens once the potential customers call you?

Will they get the same professional corporate image from your phone greetings?

A corporate phone greeting is much more than mere words on the end of a phone line…
It’s your corporate audio signature, your identity…
And… it MUST be as professional as you are!

This is where CCRT communications comes into play. We will provide professional audio productions for your corporate greetings that become your personalized, automated attendant, in line with the prestigious corporate image you want to project.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure that your clients, suppliers, associates and other professionals, who call you, get a professional vibe from your company.

Let CCRT help you project a positive and dynamic image to that will drive success in a local, international and global economy.

CCRT adds color and dimension and professionalism to corporate messages…
Because we take your image, and ours, to heart!

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Call on CCRT Communications for your corporate audio needs . . .