CCRT attente telephonique

Creative on hold messages

It’s been proven time and again, well produced on-hold messages inform, create interest and awareness towards specific products AND are a major driving force behind your marketing efforts.

Be ahead of the game!

CCRT’s personalised and professionally produced on-hold productions will be heard by your clients and peers every time they are placed on hold. These are tailored made on-hold productions are creatively produced in a professional audio studio using a huge inventory of royalty-free music, sound effects and the most professional voices in the industry!


83% of callers (potential clients) hang up after less than 45 seconds without interaction

75% of those… NEVER call again!

That’s why we don’t just record messages…

WE create original audio productions, disguised as on-hold messages that ring true to your corporate image and help you efficiently broadcast your information, increase sales and more!

The result is impressive…and the quality: Broadcast!

Listen to our professionally mastered on-hold messages here Click HERE

Our scriptwriters will work with you to make ensure you get the most vibrant, professional On-hold production possible.

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