Broadcast Studios

CCRT puts its 30 years of broadcasting expertise to work with you and offers an audio production studio with a fantastic family atmosphere, where you feel welcome and are free to smile…

Let CCRT’s experts completely build your advertising campaign from A to Z .
When you put your customers on hold, you don’t pay a fee, but what impact do you actually have since what is heard is irrelevant to your business? Created with originality and flair, we know how to deliver exclusive on hold messages productions that will stand out and create the effect and outcome your corporate image deserves.

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Our team of creative writers, producers, editors, sound technicians and composers will help your story come to life. Though it’s a technical process, it cannot happen without a dose of FUN!

Sometime creativity flow from a great coffee, a tea or simply the human touch!

It’s just like being at home…BUT with the creative technical professionalism of a great team behind you!

Thanks to a Digital networking system from Source Connect. We are linked to over 325 studios around the world!