Enhanced community notifications

Lots of public spaces and venues rely on CCRT to produce professional audio recordings safety messages. A clear HUMAN voice is infinitely clearer than a robotic automated message!
CCRT takes care of every audio announcement:

Emergency Evacuation Procedures.
Fire emergencies
Gas leaks

Automated calling messages used by municipalities to inform constituents about water boiling requirements, street closures, emergency road repair work, upcoming assemblies etc.. These are called Enhanced Community Notification Services (ECNS)

Safety procedures in audio form communicate a clear sense of urgency without creating panic. Security and safety audio messages that are used in schools, government buildings, train stations and airports, while others are used in machinery or permanent and temporary venues:

CCRT Communication is the pioneer in audio production messages for mass communication and emergency situations.

CCRT Communications provides professional audio and vocal recordings for outgoing mass communication uses (emergency, informational, cautions etc.) These phone message recordings are then transmitted by your automated system and pushed out as telephone messages, clear and audible texts (SMS) with or without special alert sounds. They are also used in corporate work places, malls, hospitals, and retirement homes and can be used on intercoms or speaker systems.

Public Safety Audio messages
Fire drill announcements
Instructions for exiting a venue
Emergency drills
Evacuation procedures
Gas leak detection alarm with voice
School shoting evacuation and safety audio messages programs
Mechanical equipment warnings

CCRT’s Emergency information messages or Enhanced Community Notification Services (ECNS) can be used by municipalities, school boards, hospitals, day cares, malls and in any public location.

Call us to augment your peace of mind, knowing there are instructions to be broadcasted should an unforeseen incident occur.